Journal article and summary (5 points)Write a paragraph that states which article you chose and write a summary about the major points in the article. Be sure to use your own words and summarize the main point of the authors.Strengths (5 points)Write a paragraph that highlights the points in the article that you view as strengths. Be sure to point out what you believe to be a strength and explain why. Provide support for your statements. Fully explain your arguments here. It is not enough to say “This is a good point because it makes sense.” Remember that I’m asking you to evaluate the way the researcher presents the information, the evidence he/she provides, and the way in which the research has been conducted. Whether you agree with the concept is not important here. What matters is that you are critiquing the way in which the information is being presented and the way the researcher is making the argument.Weaknesses (5 points)Write a paragraph regarding the arguments made by the author or issues with the research that you view as a weakness. Be sure to really think critically and analyze what the author(s) is/are saying and what evidence they are providing. Perhaps the logic does not make sense to you or you do not think that the research the author(s) did was enough to support their conclusions. Really think deeply about this and critique the article critically.Discussion (5 points)This paragraph should combine everything from your previous three paragraphs together. After reading the article and thinking about what you view as strengths and weaknesses, what can you conclude? Is the author’s conclusion valid? If you could improve on what the author has done or expand on his/her research, what would you do differently? You must think critically and think of some way to alter or improve the author’s argument. You cannot just say, “The author did a great job.