1)Once Excel document showing a detailed breakdown of calculations of all questions, (2) One Word Document answering all the questions in a BUSINESS REPORT STYLE. (3) Create a script that can be read out loud to an audience presentation. 3. Please work to show a Distinction mark as a minimum. 4. Ensure your work reflects AUSTRALIAN language/spelling/grammar. 5. Referencing is Harvard 6. Majority of references MUST come from this textbook( Accounting Business Reporting for Decision Making 6th Edition Birt Solutions ): https://www.academia.edu/40137495/v_Accounting_BUSI_N_ES_S_REP_O_RT_I_N_G_FO_R_D_ECISI_O_N_M_A_K_I_N_G 6. When looking for other external references: search on google by changing your region to AUSTRALIA so that the references used are local to Australia.