TASK back to top According to your area of interest, identify a public/societal/community issue or need and prepare a case for policy advocacy. Depending upon the need or issue you have chosen, discuss at least any four of the following relevant strategies (first strategy is compulsory) for the policy advocacy. Defining the problem and the nature of the problem Raising awareness Community organising Grassroots mobilisation Building capacity Policy development/solution options Lobbying Litigation (from Philanthropy Australia, 2018) By undertaking your own independent research, your assignment should demonstrate advanced understanding of agenda building and advocacy knowledge and skills, and ability to critically apply such knowledge and skills on a chosen issue by synthesising, interpreting and disseminating the relevant information for advocacy. These numbered items may be appended to the essay or embedded in the essay with logical flow and coherence. Word count includes both. RATIONALE back to top This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: be able to discuss the concept and significance of social policy, important policy issues and factors that contribute to success of policies. be able to critically analyse the institutions involved in policy making and the role of coordination and consultation in the policy making processes. be able to critically apply knowledge and skills of agenda building and advocacy.