Write attempts to explore how you perceive what you see as ″Cool″ – something that you really like. There are a variety of factors, and so many things that are ″cool″ in society today. We may not like the same things, but we all have our own interests and care about them the same way. I′m hoping to explore that process. Part 1 What object / thing do you think best represented you when you were younger? Choose a time when you were approx. 12 or 13 years old- I′m looking for a time right around the time you were first feeling a sense that you were no longer a child and were feeling a sense of wanting to be more independent or adult. What was it about that object that you thought was ″cool″? What do you think may have influenced you wanting it- a friend, an older relative, TV, etc. ? Ideally, the object you pick should be something you bought or was given to you. It should be something that you thought was very cool. If you′re confused as to what to pick, then maybe it was something you used to (or still) collect. But keep in mind, do not write on a collection of things, make sure it your favorite from a collection. For example, don′t just write about ″baseball cards,″ I would like you to tell me your favorite baseball card out of your collection. I want you to please choose a specific item rather than something like a sport or activity (such as Dancing or Soccer). For example, if you liked dancing then you would write about your favorite pair of dancing shoes and explore that for the prompt. Part 2 What object / thing do you think best represents you now? Is it the same as when you were younger (at that age you discussed earlier)? Why or why not? What may have changed? What do you think may have influenced you today? Again, I′m looking for something that you bought or was given to you that holds great value- not necessarily worth a lot of money, but something of great value to you. And, like in Part 1, it should be something you think is cool. If you aren′t sure what to choose, consider something that you collect today. But, as above, just write about one thing- the one that would be your favorite in the collection.