What do you think she is saying or trying to convey? Chris Ware ″Someone I′m Not″ 1. Chris Ware is a renowned Comic-Strip Artist. In the opening scene of the film, he speaks of being subjected to the dilemma of not being able to include women in his artwork. What was the reason his teacher told him, this was not a good idea? 2. What is Ware′s rational for ignoring his teacher′s request and adding women to his art? 3. What′s the name of the comic-strip Ware was working on in the film and what major newspaper has employed him? Jack Whitten 1. Where did Jack Whitten grow up and what were his aspirations while at Tuskegee University? 2. What experience drove Whitten out of Southern University and permanently out of the South? 3. After moving to New York and establishing himself as a prolific Abstract Artist, what was the name of the tool he invented? What was its purpose? 4. Out of this invention came the revelation to Whitten′s next idea, that changed the way he created art for the next 40 years. What were the little bits of dried paint called and what were the paintings ultimately called?