Watch ″The Act of Killing″ from and provide an in depth analysis of the mass murders committed in Indonesia in 1965-66. Then write about making an argument about what if anything should happen legally to the main characters depicted in the documentary and why. If you think they should be reffered to a court be specific about which it would be and why. Which International law(s) is any have been violated be specific including which Articles of the treaty were violated? Does what happened there qualify as genocide-why or why not? Additional external research on the conflict and who was targeted may help you here. Then research and analyze a relevant international law case that helps to bolster your argument about the killings in Indonesia. How is the Indonesian case similar and in what ways is it different? What are the potential political obstacles to achieving what you would like to do, if any? Conclude with an overall evaluation of how likely legal justice is to achieve in this scenario and why.