Please wait for 1 more upload… I will send the content to read in a couple hours after I get off work. Assignment 1 – 1 page Part I: 1. Explain the difference between “character” and “intellect” with regard to morality as discussed in Robert Coles’ article, ″The Disparity between Intellect and Character.″ 2. Use your understanding of character and intellect to discuss the similarities and differences between Huckleberry Finn and Hannetjie; and between Himmler and Brille. 3. Explain the emotional and situational contexts that affected the moral decision-making of the people mention in question two. Part II: 1. Explain the role community plays in moral decision-making by examining the readings mentioned above. Hints: Nazi Party, Southern Sanction of Slavery, Political Prisoners, and Modern American neighborhoods etc. Assignment 2 – 1 page 1. After reading the assignment in module 2, imagine you are in the same situations as one of the fiction characters and real people. What moral decisions would you have made and why? How would emotions and the situational context have played a role?