CASE STUDY #2: Create a training sсrіpt demonstrating your understanding of bodybuilding training principles for one of the phases of a training program (Foundational Training phase, Hypertrophy training phase, or Cutting training phase). The training sсrіpt should be completed within the following guidelines: 1. State your name, school, or association that you work for. 2. State the training phase that you are designing the program for. 3. Outline the layout of the training program for one training day. (NOTE: Training program should be specific to one of the aforementioned phases of training.) Provide an explanation describing how your recommendations are specific to the phase of training that you have chosen to design the program for. 4. Provide thorough desсrіptions of the coaching cues you would use for each exercise that you recommend. For instance, if you recommend that the athlete should perform a front squat, state the coaching cues you will use to get the athlete to perform the movement properly. These coaching cues should be written in a narrative format. The reviewer should be able to read your sсrіpt and get a mental image of what is trying to be relayed. 5. The training sсrіpt should be for one training day. 6. Include both a warm-up and cool-down routine with coaching cue desсrіptions for each drill.