Write a TIQA that uses one of your color archetype quotes to explain a theme from The Pedestrian Ray Bradburyin the box below. Use the outline below as a reference.TIQA stands for: Theme: ex. “One theme from __(story)__ is __(theme)__.” Something like that, but write your own versionIntroduce Quote – Write 1) where we are in the story, 2) what is happening in the story at the time of the quote, and 3) who is saying the quote (a character or the narrator)Quote – Put the quote in “quotation marks” and cite it (Author′s Last Name)Analysis – Beyond the obvious, what does this quote mean? Connect it to the themeCite the precise textual evidence that most strongly supports an in-depth analysis of what a text says explicitly and draw complex inferences from the text.https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1QSkGTO4a6xW3i6FAHiEBNxVr-x6x3CZfkekoUMI9wLs/edit